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Dennis Iley - Elder/Minister of Education

Dennis Iley - Elder

Home Town

George West, TX



Wife Gail; Son Kevin; Daughter Terri



Aggravating people, old cars


What do you like about the Gallatin Valley:

Mountains, climate, open views, Fall


What is your favorite season and why:

Fall – the heat of summer and tourists are gone; the cool crispness of the weather; the leaves changing color is awesome


Best advice ever heard or read:

Keep her nose up and give her plenty of gas


Life verse(s):

Philippians 2:10-11


Favorite music:

Pre 1965 Rock and Roll and Country and Western; Big Band Swing; Tejano



Grew up in the Methodist church.  My mom was saved when I was in Junior High and began attending First Baptist Church of George West.  I saw people saved and expressing spiritual relief (crying) and wondered what was wrong with them.  Quit going to church after High School.  Began going to church after my children were born and noticed that when we gave money to God’s program, we didn’t have a financial bind.  In 1986, while at a friend’s apartment, we were discussing “spiritual things.”  My friend left the room and I in a state of confusion looked out the window up to the sky and said “I can no longer run this show, You have to do it.”  No one lead me to the Lord that day and no one lead me in a “sinner’s prayer.”  I surrendered my will to the Lord.  I do not know the date in 1986 that I did this, but it was a life transforming event.  After this, God placed me in the educational ministry of five churches I have been a member.  I now serve as the Minister of Education at The Bridge.

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