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Small Groups

What Are Small Groups?

Small Groups at The Bridge intentionally help carry out our mission “Making Disciples One Person at A Time in Relational Environments.”  We encourage everyone who comes to The Bridge to join in the blessing of being a part of a small group.    


Our Small Groups meet throughout the week in different member’s homes. 

The Bridge small groups embrace the following principles:
    Mission minded
    Family oriented 
    Care for those within the group 
    Reach out those who are not yet connected 

Small groups provide opportunities to:
    Be a disciple in God’s Word 
    Develop meaningful relationships 
    Grow in faith 
    Hold each other accountable to the work and grace of God in
    our lives

The importance of meeting in small groups was modeled for us by Jesus when He met with the twelve disciples.  Small groups provide an atmosphere of honest and open relationships allowing people to grow & mature in their walk with Christ.   

Become Part of a Small Group

We welcome anyone to become part of a Small Group here at The Bridge. Look through the list below to see what group(s) might work best for you in terms of location and meeting time. Feel free to reach out to group leaders directly using the contact information given. If you would like assistance in choosing a group, please contact Russell Tempero (contact information given below).

Russell Tempero
Meeting Time: TBD
Bozeman, MT
(406) 600 1243

Mark Dutiel
Meeting Time: TBD
Location: Belgrade, MT
Contact: TBD

Dennis Iley
Meeting Time: TBD
Manhattan, MT
(406) 284 4234

Ed Visser
Meeting Time: TBD
Belgrade, MT
(406) 581 4053

Rod Crow
Meeting Time: TBD
Belgrade, MT
(406) 579 7921

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